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Regulation and compliance principles

The DATA Scheme is focussed on increasing the availability and use of Australian Government data to deliver government services that put people and business at the centre.


Dataplace is a new, whole of government platform to request Australian Government data, including under the DATA Scheme. The platform brings together those wanting to get access to Australian Government data (such as researchers and those working on public policy and delivering public services) with Commonwealth agencies who are the data custodians.

You can use Dataplace to:

  • apply for accreditation to be a data user under the DATA Scheme
  • apply for accreditation to be a data service provider under the DATA Scheme
  • request Australian Government data, including under the DATA Scheme
  • develop a data sharing agreement
  • monitor your data sharing activities.

Dataplace is managed by the ONDC and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on behalf of the Australian Government.

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Dataplace is being designed in consultation with DATA Scheme participants and others. If you would like to be involved or have some feedback on your experience with Dataplace, contact us through the contact us form

You can find out more about Dataplace, including how to get on-board, by visiting Dataplace and clicking on the ‘About’ menu.

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Proportionality We take a risk-based approach to our regulatory activities, using information, analysis and expertise to inform our understanding of regulatory risk. Our actions will be proportionate to the conduct and the resulting or potential harm.


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