National Data Advisory Council Meeting Reports

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National Data Advisory Council Meeting Reports

Meeting Reports

Read the reports from the Statutory National Data Advisory Council meetings below.

National Data Advisory Council Meeting Reports

The statutory National Data Advisory Council held its first meeting on 30 June 2022. The virtual meeting was chaired by the National Data Commissioner, Ms Gayle Milnes.

Members endorsed terms of reference for the Council and agreed a forward agenda and schedule of meetings.

The Council discussed draft objectives, measures and targets for the DATA Scheme, emphasising the importance of being able to demonstrate public benefit from sharing data.  They also discussed challenges with establishing baselines, identifying benchmarks, attribution and creating the right incentives.

Council members provided advice on a draft data code which will guide scheme participants on how the data sharing principles are to be applied, focused on the public interest test as well as the approaches to consent, privacy and ethics.

The Council considered the National Data Commissioner's draft regulatory posture and annual regulation and compliance priorities, noting the importance of timeliness and a risk-based approach.

The Council discussed the approach to accrediting data service providers under the DATA Scheme, providing advice on proposed questions and processes as they applied to the range of scheme participants (Commonwealth and state government agencies as well as universities), offering different data services.